Caffeinated Concoctions with Cookie Chip Mix Ins


Coffee was a big deal growing up. I knew about green coffee beans before the age of ten. An early morning roasting was an ordinary Sunday affair, and one I didn’t appreciate until my late teens. The loud screech of the grind eventually became white noise when I started working at cafes at age 16. It was only natural that something so common to my routine became the next next step in my summer creamy confectionary adventures.

After many thought provoking articles on how, when, and where to incorporate the coffee I settled on the simplest option, creaming grounds in with the egg and sugar mixture. This of course means it interfered with the beautiful smooth stream that only comes with the whisking of egg yokes and sugar, but it still had some aesthetic appeal.


After the 7 yokes, 1/2 cup (plus 2 tablespoons) of sugar, and 5 teaspoons of ground coffee, about a teaspoon of vanilla powder, and a pinch of salt, I created the basic vanilla base.

My previous post mentions a similar recipe. On the stove I combined 2 cups cream, 1 cup whole milk, and 1 tablespoon vanilla. Once the mixture simmered, I removed it from the heat, covered it, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Fast forward 30 minutes…1/3 of a cup of cream is added to the egg mixture, stirred, and  recombined to the vanilla base to cook on low-medium heat until the spoon is coated with the custard (or it reached 170 degrees F).

Just before the mixture reached 170 degrees, I placed half the mixture into another pot to add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to create a mocha custard.

2 flavors: coffee & mocha!

The custard was then strained to remove the coffee grounds. I used a cheese cloth on one attempt, and a regular strainer on the next. Both worked okay, but it was SLOOOWWWW in both instances. To avoid filtering grounds, whole beans can be absorbed into the custard over heat earlier in the process instead, but that will require using more coffee.

Once the two bases were strained, I placed them in an ice bath to cool them down before churning in my ice cream maker.

Once room temperature, I placed the coffee custard in the ice cream maker for up to 20 minutes, adding dark chocolate chips about halfway through. I contemplated adding caramel and whiskey to the other half of the mixture, however I realized that would drastically alter the mocha flavors. Maybe next time. [Carmel is likely on the horizon for culinary adventures…]

The coffee batch was removed, packaged, and taste tested by any available guests. I then moved on to the mocha custard.

I let the mocha churn for almost the entire 20 minutes before adding mix ins. I incorporated mini chocolate chips into half of the mixture and removed, packaged, taste tested.

The second half of the mixture received a generous helping of an egg free Oreo cookie dough. It included a small batch of flour, brown and white sugar, butter, vanilla, and about 5 chocolate and vanilla cream double stack Oreo cookies that I smashed in a ziplock bag with the back of a spoon.


If you’ve never seen these diet sabotaging cookies, they are distractingly delicious and contain three chocolate cookies and two types of cream…Mmmm sugar coma.


Here is an image of the crushed cookies before they were fully mixed into the dough.

I created this while the custard was simmering early in the process. I rolled the dough into small pieces, and refrigerated so they would harden before being placed into the ice cream.

The cookie dough also will make for a wonderful soft cookie with the addition of eggs and baking soda. So there you go, coffee ice cream ranging from creamy with a hint of chocolate, to an playful sugar filled adventure.

I hope you try your own ice cream mix in adventure. Let me know if you do or if you have any flavor suggestions for next time. Enjoy!


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